It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

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It’s Playoff Time (Again)!

One year ago, the Sabres were headed to the playoffs as the #3 seed in the Eastern Conference. We had the Vezina Trophy winner between the pipes. The Calder Trophy would be awarded to Tyler Myers in a matter of months. And then we got embarrassed by Boston in six games.

This season, we enter the playoffs as the #7 seed. There will be no trophies going to members of this team. And yet, I feel more confident than I have since the Carolina series “back in the day”. Here are my reasons why the Sabres could win the Stanley Cup this season:

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lions and tigers and BEARS, oh my!

Well, Bills lost another heartbreaker this weekend, and here are my thoughts about it:

Lights Out

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World Series 2010

World Series

So, the World Series is just around the corner with the underdog San Francisco Giants going up against the Texas Rangers.  Not many people predicted this matchup for the championship, but it looks like it will be one to remember. Here’s why.

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Another Sunday, Another Loss


One sec, just gotta squeeze a little more out


So, yea. Bills stink. Not much more to it. Here’s my reaction:

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Ok so the folks of WGR550 Sports Radio here in the 716 have a feature where fans can post there reactions to the game and they choose the best and post them on the site. Mine was ruled to be “one of the greatest articles ever written,” so it made it on the site. I then thought to myself, “hey, if it’s good enough for WGR, it’s definitely good enough for WGTG. So here she is ladies and gents: my review of Bills vs Jets.

Nice tackle Donte

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Perfect Game, Perfect Story

Dallas Braden embraces grandmother after perfect game

Everyone remembers watching Brett Favre on Monday Night Football just hours after his father’s death. Everyone remembers Dan Jansen doing a victory lap with his daughter Jane, named after his sister who had died of leukemia. Everyone remembers Lance Armstrong crossing the finish line at the Tour de France after his bout with testicular cancer. Everyone remembers watching Jon Lester throw a no hitter after his fight with lymphoma. However, what happened on Sunday truly tops all of these stories in my opinion.

Dallas Braden: a virtual no name. Career record of 18-23. Career ERA above 4. Roughly 6 strikeouts per nine innings. Plays for the “oh yea I forgot about them” Oakland Athletics. If someone told you that he was going to throw the 19th perfect game in MLB history, you would probably point and laugh at them.  But that is exactly what happened. 27 up, 27 down.

Now you’re probably thinking to yourself, “OK, what makes this so special?” This story is remarkable to me because of what happened to Braden during his senior year in high school. His mother, Jodie Atwood, died of skin cancer. While players wore pink necklaces and used pink bats to honor their mothers on Mother’s Day, Braden had to think about how his mother was no longer with him. However, when he stepped on the mound for those nine innings, he definitely had someone special on his side.

Sports can truly be miraculous at times, and something about this event particularly struck me. People can not make up stories this good. Hollywood can not make movies this good. What happened in Oakland today was truly a miracle.

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