D Goodz



Hey I’m DGoodz. I am the middle, and most forgotten, of the Goodz brothers. Here’s some random stuff about me.

Interests: blogging, Youtube, tennis

TV: Hell’s Kitchen, Family Guy, The Office, Flavor of Love, I Love NY, Shot at Love with Tila Tequila (basically any trashy and raunchy reality shows)

Food: Pizza Hut pizza, Eggs Benedict, any form of meat in a wrap, Altoids, I don’t eat much because I’m starving myself to look pretty

Music: Run DMC, Depeche Mode, Kids of Widney High, everything except country

Movies: Anchorman, Semi-Pro, I don’t know- I like everything

DGoodz’ Blogs


5 Responses to D Goodz

  1. mgoodz says:

    GAY. BAM BAM!!!

  2. DGoodz says:

    ur ugly BAM BAM

  3. DGoodz says:

    and y is there a space between “D” and “Goodz”?

  4. babymamagoodz says:

    I am fascinated by your love of raunchy tv and sauced eggs.
    Keep up the bloggin’ and maybe someday you can write for NEXT. lol.

  5. dgoodz says:

    mother i swear to god if i see that advertisement for writers one more time…………….

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