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WGTG Official Fantasy Baseball Draft

The We Got the Goodz’ official fantasy baseball draft was held today. Here are the results: Advertisements

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Yes, that is Terrell Owens in a Bills hat. I still can’t believe it. Of course they sign him the year I decide not to get a season ticket… Whatevzky. GO BILLS!

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Here’s the deal. With the Greatest Athlete tourney drawing to a close, I figured I would start some new things. First, I will be doing an American Idol update after every episode now that the Top 13 has been finalized. … Continue reading

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I just finished watching the NHL Skills Competition and figured I should write something. I can pretty much sum it up in two words: It sucked. The competitions were lame. And Vanek’s hair, well, if you saw it you know … Continue reading

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Why I Love Reality TV

Enough said.

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Put some clothes on

Ok, enough. A certain man (his name might be Kenan) has called our blog ‘the gayest blog ever.’ Now, I personally don’t find gay to be an insult, but its obvious said person (possibly Kenan) does. Well, I found some … Continue reading

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What I Learned at Ralph Wilson Stadium Is…

Sorry for the extreme lack of posts lately. Now that school has started I probably won’t be writing a lot. I will try to get something up every once in a while. Anyway, remember that Spongebob episode where he had … Continue reading

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