Another Sunday, Another Loss


One sec, just gotta squeeze a little more out


So, yea. Bills stink. Not much more to it. Here’s my reaction:

It really doesn’t take a lot to entertain me. I watch Jersey Shore and think the movie Juwanna Mann is hilarious. But watching this Bills team play is becoming relatable to watching paint dry or counting the floor tiles or watching ice melt or, well, you get the picture. I don’t feel any emotion anymore. I just don’t care. I am so used to this terminal mediocrity that another loss means nothing.

I wrote a piece last week about how being an 18 year old Bills fan, for lack of a better term, sucks. I missed out on the golden-age of Buffalo Bills football and have just dealt with a team that constantly crushes all hopes and aspirations that we as fans share. They show glimpses of what being a real football team is all about, and then find a way to blow it in the end.

You could take any reaction from last week, or the three weeks prior, take out the part about Lee Evans and Fred Jackson not getting enough touches, and you would have a vivid description of what happened in Orchard Park this afternoon. An incompetent defense that can’t stop the run or cover tight ends (or stop wide receiver reverses for that matter. Ok once is understandable. But twice? In the words of Cris Carter- come on man). An offensive line that has both Demetrius Bell and Cornell Green on it. A QB that gives his all but should probably be on the sideline. Aaron Maybin doesn’t get on the field. Whitner and Poz are overrated. Am I missing anything? Oh well. Here are just some more notes about the Bills-Jags game:

– Give. Freddy. The. Ball. He was our best player last year. He is our best player this year. Get the pigskin into his hands.

– I love when Fitzpatrick goes to throw the ball and it just wobbles out of his hand. Despite Fitzy playing really well, I almost get the feeling that Brohm will be in the backfield after the bye week, and to that fact I propose a question: Can Brohm play well enough to justify not taking a QB in the upcoming draft?

– I understand that Steve Johnson has four touchdowns, but I’m still a non-believer. I just don’t picture us having success without a formidable #2 wide receiver.

– People who wear jerseys of teams that aren’t playing in the game annoy me. A lot. I saw two Brian Urlacher jerseys and one Carson Palmer jersey. Just stop. I don’t care if you like the Bengals, there is no need to flaunt it at a Bills/Jaguars game. I also saw a Sabres jersey, which was just as annoying.

– We got our first interception of the season. YAAAAAAY!!!! I think we even sacked the QB a few times. It was epic.

– There was a great article in the program about Antonio Coleman. I didn’t know Antonio Coleman was on the team, but it was a nice story.

– Uhhh, what else? The national anthem was fantastic. One of the better ones I can remember. No Doug Allen, but it was still great.

– I have decided that there are only three ways to have fun at a Bills game. One, just get hammered. That way you will have a great time, and you won’t even remember the game on Monday. It is truly a win-win. Number two: start fantasy players that are facing the Bills. Marcedes Lewis, David Garrard, and Jones-Drew were all in my lineup in one league or another. At least when the Bills get trounced your fantasy team might get a W. And third, just devote the entire game trying to find the best jersey in the stands. My personal favorite was an old McGahee jersey that had duct tape covering the name. Instead of writing Spiller, as most would, this guy just wrote “WE SUCK”. Enough said.

Only three teams are left without a win. I think it is obvious that the Bills and Panthers are the worst teams in the NFL. Detroit smoked St. Louis. The Rams have two wins. Cleveland has shown promise. Oakland just beat the Chargers. San Francisco will win eventually. It will be “fun” to see what happens.

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