Ok so the folks of WGR550 Sports Radio here in the 716 have a feature where fans can post there reactions to the game and they choose the best and post them on the site. Mine was ruled to be “one of the greatest articles ever written,” so it made it on the site. I then thought to myself, “hey, if it’s good enough for WGR, it’s definitely good enough for WGTG. So here she is ladies and gents: my review of Bills vs Jets.

Nice tackle Donte

What a great afternoon to be a Bills fan, huh? Now I am only 18 years old, so I don’t remember any of the Super Bowl runs. I barely remember the year of the homerun throwback. The best Bills team that I really can vividly recall is the 9-7 Bills of 2004, led by the great Drew Bledsoe. So basically all of my Bills-related memories involve heartbreak and disappointment. However this year has really been the worst.

I’ve sat through the Rob Johnsons and the Drew Bledsoes and the Kelly Holcombs. I’ve watched Travis Henry play like he’s listening to Snoop Dogg’s “Drop it Like it’s Hot”. I’ve watched the likes of Melvin Fowler and Mike Williams try to protect the QB. I’ve watched the likes of Drew Haddad and “Fast Freddy” Smith be perennial practice squad-ians. I was at the Monday Nighter against Dallas. I know what it feels like to be a Bills fan, watching your team constantly snatching defeat from the jaws
of victory. But this squad, the same one that showed so much preseason promise, is the most dreadful Bills team I have ever watched on Sundays.

This week was absolutely no different. It was an interesting few days leading up to the game against the Team of Hard Knocks. Trent got cut. That was kind of a shock to me. I figured he would be back in the lineup in a few weeks after Fitz and the gang had us at 0-5 going in the bye week. Then Trent got picked up. That was also a shock to me. I loved
listening to Chris Mortensen talk about all the potential suitors for Edwards. All the GMs he “talked to” who thought Trent could be
successful at quarterback in the right system. Ok Mort. Why don’t you and Schefter go tweet eachother.

Then as the week progressed, we all received the outstanding news that Chris Kelsay would have the opportunity to not be good at football for four more years as a Bill. (I would have said “in Buffalo” instead of “as a Bill”, but, well you know…) Then we found out the even better news that Stroud and McGee would not be in the lineup for the weekend’s matchup. Another headline I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Then after that, we found out that there would be no Revis this week. YAY FINALLY A GOOD
GAME FOR LEE!!! EVERYONE PUT HIM IN YOUR FANTASY LINEUP!!! (I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that I believed he would actually have a good week on this team and did put him in my starting lineup, or the fact that I won with him and Jay Cutler combining for -2 points… But enough of me bragging about my fantasy team.) And finally, after all the
stellar reports, the two teams hit the field for what would prove to be one of the most pathetic games I’ve ever seen.

Now here is where I give my bulleted reactions (a la Joe Buscalgia):

– The games can no longer be blamed on the QB. Fitzpatrick is giving it his all on every play. He’s making quick decisions, using his feet, and throwing the ball to players not listed as running backs on the depth chart. Going into the season I was hoping for his release, now I sadly have to admit that he is the best QB on the team and slowly turning into my favorite player.

– Our offensive line blows. I honestly don’t know what else to say. I’m sick of the holds. I’m sick of seeing QBs on the ground. And I’m sick of people talking about how good our interior line is. Yea, they’re better than the Green/Bell duo, but they still cannot keep up with the best of the best. And one more thing, we seriously do not have a better offensive captain than Geoff Hangartner? It’s embarrassing.

– Every wide receiver who wasn’t David Nelson stank something awful today. Steve Johnson can’t catch (yea I know he has 2 TDs, calm yourself). I like Lee Evans, but I have come to the conclusion that if you ranked all of the #1 wideouts in the NFL, he would be in the bottom half. He had a few balls today that just have to be caught. I didn’t notice Roscoe Parrish except when he was returning punts. Donald Jones made a tackle on his own teammate. It was just not pretty.

– We have a guy named David Martin?

– I feel horrible for Fred Jackson. What does he get for being the first player in NFL history to rush for 1,000 yards and have 1,000 yards in returns? He no longer returns kicks, and he rarely runs the ball. 3 carries for 21 yards. It’s pathetic. He was the Bills best player last year and he has been tossed to the curb. Disgraceful. You know what, the entire breakdown of running back touches today was horrible. Lynch, Spiller, and Jackson combined for 9 carries. Are you kidding me? You run
the ball nine times? I know we were down, but come on. Absurd.

– The 3-4 just is not working. You have the likes of Green-Ellis and the 31-year-old LT looking like Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith. Tight ends are having 100 yard games and scoring touchdowns like it is an intramural game. I just don’t know what else to say at this point. We are bad. (By the way, anybody else have a “let’s break out the spray paint” moment when Leodis was nowhere to be found on the Braylon Edward’s TD?)

– Paul Posluzsny and Donte Whitner are two of the most overrated players in the NFL today. Watching LT break Whitner’s ankles made me literally burst out laughing. If I have to hear how he is “one of the best tacklers in the NFL” one more time, I’m gonna…screw it, I’ll be watching next week no matter what.

– I’m convinced Corey MacIntyre is the best defensive player on the team. Definitely the best tackler. Maybe he can play linebacker.

– TO had over 200 receiving yards today against Cleveland. In the game against Cleveland last year? Trent threw for 152 total, with Marshawn Lynch ending up as the top receiver. ‘Nuff said.

– The Giants had 10, yes 10, sacks tonight. The Bills have 4 through 4 games, which sadly is not the worst in the league. As hard as Kyle Williams plays, he is just not a Nose Tackle. I feel like I should add something to this point, but I really can’t say anything else.

– Luck, Mallet, or Locker? I say Luck. But we’ll probably draft a defensive back.

Ok, there’s probably more to say, but this diatribe has gone on long enough. We got Jacksonville next week. They’re coming off an upset of Indy. Should be fun to watch (assuming that there’s no blackout of course…)

Corey Mac in the house

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