The Buffalo Sabres are back in the playoffs, and I could not be more pumped. Shasaw and I will be attending game one against the Bruins on Thursday, waving our pom poms like it’s nobody’s business.  In light of this game, here are my 5 favorite Sabres’ playoff moments (remember, I’m only 18, so I do not have much to work with here).

Number 5: Miller robs Spezza in OT

We many have lost the game, but the save was unbelievable. I was watching this game in the plaza and it was an awesome experience.

Number 4: Campell says “Nighty night!” to Umberger

I was at this game, and of course turned away at the exact moment that Campbell laid out RJ. Thank God Youtube was invented so that I could watch it 1 trillion times.  Briere’s goal in OT was an honorary mention.

Number 3:  Game 1 vs. Ottawa in 2006

One of the greatest, no, the greatest NHL game I’ve ever watched. Back and forth and back and forth. Connolly ties it late. Drury buries it in OT. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Number 2: Drury ties it, Maxim wins it and does his best Rickey Henderson impression

This one may be a little biased because Max is my favorite player, but still a great game. Chris “Captain Clutch” Drury comes through late in the third. Max wins it in OT with a blast from the point.

Number 1: Pommerz wins it in Ottawa

Shorthanded goal. Game 5. Series over. We couldn’t beat the Sens all season long and we secured the series in their home rink. By far my favorite Sabres playoff moment.

Lets hope 2010 brings some great plays, and maybe even a little silver to Buffalo. OO-AH-SABRES ON THE WARPATH!

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