NHL Predictions


Since Shane and I are in a predicting mood, we figured we would move straight on to hockey. Here’s what’s going to happen this year:

Division Outcomes-



  1. New Jersey- Brodeur is dirty. Parise is dirty. Zajac, Langenbrunner are good. And they have Peters now.
  2. Philly- Emery wins Comeback player of the year. Plus, Carter and Gagne each score 40.
  3. Pittsburgh- Whens the last time there was a back-to-back? Red Wings in 97 and 98. Aint gonna happen.
  4. Rangers- This is a really good division. If Gaborik stays healthy, they might make it to the playoffs
  5. Islanders- Too young, and they have Dipietro. Yea.


  1. Sabres- A lot tougher this year. If Miller stays healthy then they have a great chance.
  2. Boston- Is Timmy T really that good? It was a contract year… They won’t get 116 pts this year.
  3. Montreal- Another good team. But you can view their website in French so I lost some respect.
  4. Toronto- They suck.
  5. Ottawa- They suck more.


  1. Washington- Ovechkin and Semin are nasty. Plus, I really like Varlamov.
  2. Atlanta- Max leads them to the playoffs. Even though they have no talent in net.
  3. Tampa- Mike Smith discovers himself, as does Stamkos
  4. Florida- Good goaltending, not so good offense.
  5. Carolina- I hate Carolina


  1. Chicago- Kane and Toews are good. And when Hossa is healthy, watch out. Also have snipers at the point.
  2. Detroit- Osgood is getting a little old, but they still make the playoffs.
  3. Columbus- Hopefully Mason repeats his rookie performance. And Rick Nash is Rick Nash.
  4. St. Louis- idk how they made the playoffs last year. Thats embarassing.
  5. Nashville- Good, but Rinne and Ellis… really?


  1. Calgary- Iginla, Jokinen, Bouwmeester, Phaneuf, Kiprusoff. Chyea.
  2. Vancouver- Got their beloved Swedish twins back. Plus Luongo is always a candidate for the Vezina
  3. Edmonton- Have a respectable goalie with a Cup win. Plus I’m a Hemsky fan.
  4. Minnesota- Backstrom is a good goalie, but they lost the face of their franchise.
  5. Colorado- No more Sakic, and Budaj still in net. No thank you.


  1. San Jose- Sharks – Cheecho + Heatley = Prsidents’ Trophy again.
  2. Dallas- Why not?
  3. Anaheim- Old, but still have solid goalies.
  4. LA Kings- They only reason they’re not last is because of Phoenix
  5. Phoenix- Have fun with your number 1 pick next year. Use it wisely

Wildcard Teams:


  • Eastern Conference: Penguins, Flyers, Thrashers, Bruins, Canadiens.
  • Western Conference: Red Wings, Blue Jackets, Canucks, Dallas, and…Oilers. why not.

Stanley Cup Champs:


  • The Finals will be Sabres vs. San Jose, and the Sabres will win their first Stanley Cup in team history. Yea, it’s going to happen. Just watch. If not the Sabres, then the Thrashers will take it.

shane predictions coming shortly

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