MLB Playoffs


With the MLB Playoffs a mere two weeks away, Shasaw and I have decided to make predictions on the League and World Series winners. Here goes nothing (and I apologize beforehand if this blog jinxes either the Red Sox or the Rockies).Divisional Round:

Tigers at Yankees

CGoodz: I would love to pick the Tigers, but Verlander has not been the same of late and Washburn truly hasn’t been the same pitcher since being traded. Plus, the Yankees hit homeruns like it’s nobody’s business. Tigers are too inconsistent and the Yanks have their stadium on their side. Yankees sweep 3-0.

Shasaw: Considering how much I hate the Yankees, I would love to pick Detroit.  But, the Tigers don’t have the power in their lineup like the Yankees do and none of their pitchers have been on fire lately which they would need to make up for the lack of power. The Tigers will win a game though. Yankees 3-1

Red Sox at Angels

CGoodz: Oh man. Uhh, Red Sox have way too much playoff experience. Ortiz is still captain clutch, and Beckett is one of the best playoff pitchers in the history of the game. Lackey is coming off an injury, as is Santana. And I just flat out don’t like Joe Saunders. Youk, Bay, Papi, Pedroia, Martinez. Yea. Red Sox win a close one, 3-1.

Shasaw: Pitching will be the difference in this series as the Red Sox staff has been dominant the entire season, where the Angels, well, hasn’t.  Josh Beckett will continue to play well while John Lester provides other quality starts.  The Angels just have had too many injuries to make a run in the playoffs this year.  You can’t win when your not 100%.  Sox 3-1.

Wow if the season ended today the Cards would be @ the Dodgers:

Cgoodz: Pujols and Holliday make up one of the best 1-2 offensive punches in the NL, while Carpenter and Wainwright make up one of the best 1-2 pitching punches in the NL. Manny isn’t the same after his 50 games off, and Kershaw can’t carry this team. Good ERA, not a good enough team tho. I’m gonna go with the upset- Cards over Dodgers 3-2.

Shasaw: It’s not really a stretch of an upset considering how good the Cardinals have played lately (see: Pujols, Holliday, Carpenter, Wainwright, Franklin) and how bad the Dodgers have played.  Plus, the Dodgers don’t have the pitching to match St. Louis in a series, or 4 games for that matter.  Cardinals sweep LA 3-0.

Rockies at Phillies

CGoodz: Hamels has been really inconsistent this year, as has Lidge, but if their offense keeps putting up solid numbers, I think the Phils should be fine. Rockies have Jimenez, and Jim Tracy, and that’s about it. Helton and Hawpe have been solid, but Phillies are out to repeat. Phillies win good series 3-1.

Shasaw: Like the Yankees, the Phillies offense is just way too powerful to be stopped in the divisional round.  Some quality pitching can help the Phillies beat the Rockies, especially since they really have just a 2-man offense with Hawpe and Helton.  If they are shut down, it will be a quick series.  Philly 3-1.


Red Sox at Yankees

CGoodz: Nothing quite like a good Sox/Yanks series. I think the Yankees are gonna score runs, but they really have to wonder if CC can end his October woes and pitch the way he does in August and September. I think CC finds a way to win and the Yankees win this series in seven. It will be close throughout, but I think New York pulls it out.

Shasaw: Like CGoodz said, it doesn’t get any better than Boston/NY.  However, I have to disagree with him saying the Yanks are going to win.  The Red Sox lineup can hit the Yankees pitchers all over the field, especially CC, and Beckett will continue to roll.  So, in short, nice try attempting to buy a championship, Yankees, but thats not the way it works.  Boston 4-2.

Cards at Phillies

CGoodz: Another great series. There truly are 8 world series contenders this year. Although Cards have Pujols and Holliday, the Phils have Howard, Utley, Ibanez, Werth (all of whom have 30 dingers), Victorino, and Rollins. Phillies are too hot to handle, and I think they also win in seven.

Shasaw: The X-factor in this series will be the pitching.  Whichever team can hit the oppositions starters early will be the one to win the series.  Once one of the teams starts hitting, it can be a blowout every game.  However, St. Louis will prevail because of the quality of their bullpen.  Cards in seven.


CGoodz: Phillies at Yankees: Yankees spent one bazillion dollars to make their team a contender after missing the playoffs in 2008. Phillies picked up Raul Ibanez and Matt Stairs. And yet they both end up playing for the title of World Series champion. Yankees have seven (I think) 20 homerun hitters. That’s insane. Phillies have four 30 homerun hitters. That’s insane-r. Yanks have CC and AJ. Phils have Cliff and Cole. These teams are going to go pound for pound with one another, and I think the Phils take it in 6 to win back to back championships. Sorry Yankees fans. You’re gonna have to wait one more year. And it better not rain every game either. Last year’s series sucked.

Shasaw: Cardinals at Red Sox: Quality outfielders? Check.  MVP caliber infielder? Check.  Outstanding pitching staff? Check.  Both teams have all the ingredients needed to make a World Series Champion, but it will be the Cardinals that prevail over Boston.  It’s not a question of ‘if’ Albert Pujols will go into beast mode.  It’s ‘when’.  And thats why St. Louis will be crowned World Champions again.  Cardinals take it all in 6 games.

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