El Tigre


We have decided to split our championship into 3 parts. Part 1- Tiger. Part 2- Lebron. Part 3- We crown a champ. How exciting!

Eldrick Woods:

  • Currently the world’s number 1 golfer. He held the title for 264 weeks from ’99-’04, then was on and off with Vijay from September ’04- June ’05. Tiger has held it ever since. He has spent 538 weeks at the #1 spot.
  • Tiger has won 14 Majors (4 Masters, 3 US Open, 3 Open Championship, 4 PGA Championship) which is second most all-time
  • He is third all-time with 65 career tour wins, behind only Sam Snead (82) and Jack Nicklaus (72)
  • Youngest golfer (and only 1 of 2 ever) to achieve the Grand Slam
  • Youngest and faster to achieve 50 wins. Also the first multi-racial American to win the Masters (50% African, 25% Chinese, 25% Native American)
  • He’s a Buddhist. I really would have never guessed that.
  • Highest paid professional athlete in 2007, earning around $120 million!!! He has led the PGA Tour’s money list a record 8 times. 
  • PGA Player of the Year 9 times, Byron Nelson Award winner 8 times, AP Male Athlete of the Year four times, and only person to be named SI’s Sportsman of the Year more than once. 
  • Not to mention he has a sick video game
  • Oh, and he won the Masters on one leg. Just sayin…

That’s pretty much all you need to know. As you can tell, I expanded on Shasaw’s very weak information. Oh yea I forgot, he can walk on water:

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