Phelps vs. Kobe!


Michael Phelps takes on Kobe Bryant in the third of four Round 4 matchups.

Kobe Bryant

  • Named after the famous Japanese beef Kobe. His middle name is Bean. His dad’s nickname is Jellybean. Crazy.
  • Drafted 13th by the Hornets in ’96, then traded to LA for Vlade Divac. Drafted after Kerry Kittles, Samaki Walker, and Vitaly Potapenko. Sucks for them.
  • 11-time All-Star (3-time ASG MVP/’97 Slam Dunk Champion), 10-time All NBA, 8-time All Defense. Also, 2-time Scoring Champion (’06, ’07) as well as the 2008 MVP
  • Back-to-back-to-back NBA Champion from ’00-’02. He has yet to win one without Shaq even though the only year he didn’t make the playoffs was in ’04-’05.
  • Holds record for 3-pointers in a game (12) and in one half (8)
  • Youngest player to score 15000, 20000, and 23000 points. Also the youngest Slam Dunk champion, All-Defensive Team member, and player to start an NBA game
  • Won Gold in ’07 with Team USA at the FIBA Americas Championship as well as the gold in Beijing with the Redeem Team.
  • People shout his name when they throw out garbage. Also scored over 80 points in a game

Michael Phelps:

  • Competed in the 2000 Olympic Games at the age of 15
  • Currently holds 7 World records (including 4 individual records)
  • Has been the American Swimmer of the Year every year since 2001
  • 5 time World Swimmer of the Year
  • Won 8 gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics (most gold medals by any athlete in a single Olympic games ever)
  • Set 7 World Records at the Beijing Games
  • Medaled in 48 out of 51 international events (94%)
  • Smoked marijuana and is still the best swimmer in the world
  • Shane’s lack of info once again does not cost someone a loss (luckily). Phelps moves on.

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    1. Mark says:

      RU KIDDING ME!!!

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