Here’s the deal. With the Greatest Athlete tourney drawing to a close, I figured I would start some new things. First, I will be doing an American Idol update after every episode now that the Top 13 has been finalized. Second, I have decided that I am going to watch every movie that ever won the Oscar for Best Picture. The first one is titled Wings, which I will delve into this weekend on my way up to Toronto. It’s a silent film, so I’m sure it will be a long 2 hours. 

I will also be revitalizing the Greatest Logos Ever section, and I will definitely be posting some more youtube vids. i’m sure no one really cares anyway

WOAH! A fat guy just mooned Chef Ramsey. That was awesome. 

Ok anyone enjoy the new stuff.

Maybe Shasaw will finish his Top Centerfielders or whatever position he is on. Just saying…  


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