Buffalo Bills fans all over the country were happy today to see two members of the organization be elected to the Pro Football HOF, Class of 2009. We were also happy to hear that the Bills will be facing the Titans in Canton during HOF week.

Bruce Smith and Ralph Wilson will have their busts placed in Canton this summer, along with Rod Woodson, Derrick Thomas, Randall McDaniel, and Bob Hayes.

Bruce Smith- 200 career sacks (most all-time), led the Bills to 4 straight Super Bowl appearances, 11-time Pro Bowler, has been ending his signatures with HOF ’09 since he retired

Ralph Wilson- 90 years old, owner of the Buffalo Bills for all 48 years in the league (including 10 in the AFL- back to back AFL Championships in ’64 and ’65).

Rod Woodson- owns NFL record in interceptions returned for a TD (12), INT return yards (1,483). His 71 interceptions are 3rd all-time.

Derrick Thomas- LB for the Chiefs his entire career, 126.5 sacks, 45 career fumbles forced (NFL record), recorded 7 sacks in 1 game (NFL record), no players have worn his #58 jersey since his fatal car crash in 2000. He was only 30 years old.

Randall McDaniel- widely considered one of the greatest and most versatile lineman to ever play the game, would sometimes play FB in redzone situations.

Bobby Hayes- won Olympic gold in the 100 meter dash in ’64 and then went on the play in the NFL from ’65-’75. He had 7,000+ yards and 71 TDs. He died in ’02 at the age of 59.

Looking at Hayes stats makes me question even more why Andre is not in the hall. Andre Reed had over 13,000 yards and 87 TD catches. He played in 4 Super Bowls and made 7 pro bowls. And he did all of this coming out of Kutztown College. You know the other NFL players to come out of Kutztown? Doug Dennison, Bruce Harper, and John Mobley. If Andre doesn’t get in next year I’m taking action.

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  1. Kenan says:

    bills suck go pats!!!!!!!!!!!

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