the flying tomato is smashed


I would like to apologize to Mr. Wade really quick. I didn’t realize his name was spelled Dwyane Wade (y before a, weird right?) until I saw his Wiki page. And what’s even weirder, is that the url for his wiki page has his name spelled wrong. Ugh. Anyway, another easy matchup for CGoodz to analyze. Here ya go.

DwYane Wade:

  • In 5 full seasons in the NBA he has been named to 4 all-star squads and is a 3-time All-NBA selection
  • Won the NBA championship in ’06 and was named Finals MVP
  • Won gold in Beijing(2008) and bronze in Athens (2004)
  • He was SI’s Sportsman of the Year in ’06
  • He is currently leading the NBA in scoring, and his Miami Heat are 20-17 (after finishing last year with a record of 15-67)

Shaun White

  • Has one of the greatest nicknames in all of professional sports (“The Flying Tomato”)
  • Pam Anderson has a thing for him
  • Won a gold in Torino for Men’s Halfpipe
  • Has won 7 golds, 2 silvers, and 2 bronzes snowboarding at the X games (also has a silver, gold, and bronze for skateboarding)
  • Has his own signature trick, “The Armadillo”. If you do watch this video, this move comes at about 10 seconds in. I wasn’t paying attention so when I heard everyone go OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I knew i should probably rewind it.

Dwyane Wade wins. End of story. To read any of our previous “Greatest Athletes Ever” posts, click here.

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