Tiger Vs. Pastrana

OK here’s the launching of WGTG’s ‘Greatest Athletes Ever’. We’re gonna take it slow at first and see how things go. There will be two postings a day for the first 32 matchups (16 days for all you math whizzes out there), and then one a day after that.

Here’s the first matchup in the Goodz’ Tournament of Champions. Enjoy.

This one is an obvious no-brainer, but I’ll still give Pastrana the time of day.


  • 14 Major Championships (Second All-Time)
  • 65 Tour Wins (Third All-Time)
  • More wins than any active golfer
  • Youngest to get to 50 wins on tour
  • Won the 2008 US Open on one leg

I could go on forever listing Tiger’s stats, but this is such a surefire victory I’ll just leave it at that.


  • Has won championships and X Games golds in several events, including supercross, motocross, freestyle motocross, and rally racing
  • His 99 points is the highest MotoX Freestyle score in X Games history
  • Second athlete to ever complete a 360 in competition
  • In 2006 he became the third athlete to win 3 golds at one X Games Event
  • In that same year, he completed the first double backflip in competition

Although Pastrana is great on his dirtbike, Tiger wins this matchup easily. Tiger will move on to face the winner of Polamalu vs. Reed

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