Top Youtube Videos of 2008

I was on urlesque today to see if I had finally made their ‘bloggers they want to see in a bikini’ list. Sadly, I did not. But while I was there I noticed that they handed out their annual urlie awards. These are just their picks for top internet sensations of the year. These urlie awards gave me the inspiration to come up with my own list of favorite youtube videos of the year. Enjoy. (Some of these may be inappropriate, and a bit sexist, but deal with it)

Almost 13,000,000 views in a mere 3 weeks. Very funny stuff. I always knew Andy Samberg had it in him.

I just discovered this today, and it is f-ing hilarious. I almost peed myself the first time I saw it.

I love Shaq.

Another funny one. Extremely sexist, but funny.


Gotta love a good WNBA joke.

And We Got The Goodz Personal Favorite…….

WOOOOOO!!!!!! If you are watching this video and are very confused, click here.

Hope you enjoyed the list. I know there are a lot of other great videos, but these were my personal favorites. Enjoy!

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