Top Songs of 2008

To kick off the We Got the Goodz resurgence, the Goodz community has compiled a list of what they believe to be the top songs of 2008. Here they are:


  1. I Kissed A Girl (Katy Perry)- How can you deny that this was the number 1 song of the year. You couldn’t turn the radio on this summer without hearing about Katy Perry’s lesbian experiences. I heard it so many times that I could sing it to you right now. Well, first I would have to come to your house and I would want you to buy me dinner first, but now I am just getting too far off topic. Katy Perry- we here at WGTG expect many more catchy songs to come out of your mouth in 2009.
  2. All Summer Long (Kid Rock)- Even though Kid Rock stole music from Warren Zevon and Lynyrd Skynyrd, the lyrics were still very catchy. We were singing it ‘all summer long’, hehehe. Anyway, good song. Go listen to it if you’re in a nostalgic mood.
  3. Lollipop (Lil Wayne)- I love Lil Wayne. I could probably pick 15 songs he was involved with and put them on this list. But since we wanted to be fair to all of the lesser artists, we limited it to one song. Lollipop was the song that got everyone hooked on Weezy this year. Whether it is the beat, or the comparison of a penis to a lollipop, this song caught our attention.
  4. Low (Flo Rida)- Honestly if you have never heard this song you should probably just walk around with a sign that says ‘I have no friends’ because you probably don’t. If you read this and feel offended: good, now go listen to this song. And while you’re at it, grab some apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur. I think they’re called Ugz, or is it Ughs, or Ughz, or Ugs. I’m gonna go look it up. Oh wow. It is Uggs. Didn’t see that coming.
  5. Viva la Vida (Coldplay)- Great song. I was always a fake Coldplay fan. I had Clocks and Yellow and Speed of Sound on my iPod to make me feel cool. This song was on my iPod because it was really good.
  6. Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis)- This was DGoodz’ decision, not mine. I am not a fan. If I can’t tell what race you are, I can’t form an opinion on your music. Sorry Leona. I’m just playing. It was a nice, touching song. Let’s all give props to Simon Cowell for doing something productive for once.
  7. Burnin’ Up (Jo Bros)- I’m sorry, I don’t care how old you are or what your sexual orientation is, but you have to admit this was a good song. A little corny, but still enjoyable. I’m burning up, burning up, for you baby.
  8. Paper Planes (MIA)- I think MIA should thank Pineapple Express for this one, because I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be on this list if it wasn’t on that commercial. That was kind of a run-on right there, and if I lost you I apologize. Anyway, good song, especially if you are on drugs. And if you’re actually reading through this, there’s a good chance that you probably are a stoner.
  9. I’m Yours (Jason Mraz)-  Cool tone. Sounds a little reggae-ish. Really not much else to say.
  10. Hot N Cold (Katy Perry)- Another great Katy Perry song. I love her use of opposites. Hot, cold. Yes, no. In, out. Up, down. Wrong, right. I think you get it.
  11. In the Ayer (Flo Rida)- People all over America were putting their hands up in the air (yes, ayer=air, not yesterday for you Spaniards) when they heard this song playing. I’m surprised it wasn’t bigger when the CD first came out.
  12. Love Lockdown (Kanye West)- Kanye got his hands on a crazy Auto-Tone thingy and hasn’t looked back since. Really good song, even though it doesn’t sound as good live.
  13. Womanizer (Britney Spears)- Just like WGTG, Britney is back! Woo! I didn’t like her bald. It’s nice to see her with hair, and in a sauna (no, I’m not a stalker. check out the music video. freak)
  14. Single Ladies (Beyonce)- I love Beyonce. I dont care what anyone thinks. I. love. BEYONCE! Good song. Good video. If you like it then you should have put a ring on it.
  15. Take a Bow (Rihanna)- Rihanna had a great year. I’m not a big fan of the short hair, but I’ll get over it.

Hope you enjoyed the list. We still have Top People and Sports Moments coming up before we get to 2009.  

And yes, I did tag every singer and song. Bite me. I want views.

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6 Responses to Top Songs of 2008

  1. shasaw says:

    some comments…
    #4. u didnt know they r uggs? really?
    #6 not a fan either. idk who dgoodz thinks he is wanting that song on this list.
    #10 also, black, white.
    and did u get tired of writing this as u went along? 8 lines for katy perry. 2 for rihanna.

  2. cgoody says:

    yea, and i also figured the better songs deserved more description

  3. Dgoodz says:

    are you kidding me?? this was leona lewis’s breakout year this song should definitely be on the list, and chris i agree with shane, you seriously didnt know how to spell uggs? retard. i would also like to take credit for compiling this list, chris just wrote the comments on them.

  4. cgoody says:

    ok yunno what, i didnt know how to spell uggs, get over it. i think they should change it to a z, make them a little more ghetto

  5. Dgoodz says:

    are you saying black people are ghetto?

  6. cgoody says:

    yes, that is exactly what im saying.

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