New Sabres Third Jerseys Unveiled

The Sabres unveiled the new third jerseys for the upcoming season and I must say, they look pretty sweet.

The jersey uses the classic logo from the 1970-1995 sweaters except that it is outlined in a thin line of silver.  There is a new striping pattern on the bottom and sleeves of the jerseys.  It’s gold-silver-blue-gold-blue-silver-gold.  You can see it better on this photo of Ryan Miller.


Also, another obvious addition is the vertical piping that runs up and down the sides of the jerseys.  I have heard many people already say that it makes the jersey look bad, but I don’t really feel that it affects the jerseys too much.  There is a lace on the collar as well as numbers on the front of the jerseys.  New socks and pants will be worn too, modeled by Drew Stafford here.


All of the numbers are gold and outlined by white.  The names are gold without an outline.  On Patrick Lalime, you can see a silver portion of the jersey under his arm.  I am not sure what it is for and this is the best picture avaliable with it.


These were developed by the same guy who came up with the current ‘slug’ design.  I think he has done a good job in redeeming himself after that disaster.


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One Response to New Sabres Third Jerseys Unveiled

  1. Pete says:


    i love these. taking the classics and giving it a twist. i do hope the classics will be used this year as well, though.

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