What I Learned at Ralph Wilson Stadium Is…

Sorry for the extreme lack of posts lately. Now that school has started I probably won’t be writing a lot. I will try to get something up every once in a while.

Anyway, remember that Spongebob episode where he had to write a paper about what he learned in boating school. Well that got me thinking. Now that I am a proud Buffalo Bills’ season ticket holder, I figured after every home game I will write what I learned after watching it. It may be about football, it may not, but nonetheless it will be worth reading.

So, without further adieu, what I learned at Ralph Wilson Stadium is…

1) The Bills’ Special Teams is the Shiz. Man they were good. Moorman was his usual self, kicking bombs inside the 20. Our return game was phenomenal, especially Roscoe Parrish’s punt return TD. But the play that topped all others was Brian Moorman’s TD pass to Ryan Denney. It was drawn up so brilliantly. I give Bobby April a pat on the back. Here’s a clip of Roscoe’s TD which, if you haven’t seen yet, was insane.

2) The newcomers are for real. Kawika Mitchell and Marcus Stroud both played great. Stroud had half a sack, while Mitchell had 1. Stroud had 6 tackles and the Seahawks could do nothing on the ground. Welcome to Buffalo boys.

3) Our draft was a waste. Leodis McKelvin never stepped on the field, and James Hardy had 0 receptions. I don’t why neither of them got the ball more, even on kick returns, but oh well. We won.

4) Drunk people cannot tell how old you are. I was in the bathroom with my 12 yr old brother Mark, and the drunk guy in line behind us thought I was his dad. I am four years older than him. FOUR!!!! Even if you are drunk, you should be able to tell a 16 year old from a 46 year old.

5) Rain sucks. I realized that there is nothing worse than being wet. I would rather be hot or cold, but wet sucks. It was a great game to watch, but the weather was disappointing.

6) My brother is the only fan in the entire stadium with a Derrick Dockery jersey. Enough said.

7) The lack of an out of town scoreboard is a tad annoying. I would like to know how my fantasy players are doing.

8) Rumors spread fast at the stadium. One person heard Brady got hurt, which then turned into 70,000 people hearing that Brady was out for the year. It’s kind of like that telephone game you used to play in elementary school. Someone would whisper something in your ear, and it would keep going down the line. Mark and I even heard someone say that he tore a neck ligament. Neck ligament? Really?

And finally…

9) The Jills don’t look as good in ponchos and baseball hats. You know you were thinking it too.

I am really looking forward to next weeks game against Jacksonville. Jacksonville lost to Tennessee and their sad excuse for a QB today, so I think the Bills have a shot. Now that Brady may be out for an extended period of time, the Bills just have to keep winning and we have a shot at the playoffs. Don’t count out Buffalo!

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