Diddy Knows All

Someone had to say it…

Thank you Diddy. At least someone knows about politics in this country. To see the rest of Diddy’s Obama blogs, click here. (There may be sense a bit of sarcasm in this blog, but believe me, there’s not. I agree with Diddy 100%)

PS- Shane, that was weak. How do you write a blog about the Blue Jays and not even include a picture of their blue jerseys. I think you should stick to top 10 lists…

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2 Responses to Diddy Knows All

  1. babymamagoodz says:

    Anyone who takes political advice from Diddy or whatever fake name (not unlike Obama/Barry)he is going under now is worse tahn those whose opinions come from Rush Limbaugh. Think for yourself and not from celebrity posers. Period. Amen.

  2. shasaw says:

    ALASKA?!?!? i dont even know if theres any black people in alaska!

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