Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Despite the fact the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones trilogy is no longer breaking news, or even recent when compared to the movies CGoodz has reviewed so far, the movie had so many points to it that needed discussing I felt compelled to abandon my usual post and venture off into movie reviewing.


I could spend hours praising Harrison Ford’s brilliant performance, but in all honesty, we all know Ford is a phenomenal actor and is fully capable of playing any role he wants to; it would seem that focusing on the performances of the other leading roles in the movie would be less redundant. I myself, as a spiteful Disney-Hater to the death (post coming soon on Disney-Nazism allegations) was extremely hesitant to give former “Even-Stevens” star Shia LaBeouf a chance, but I must admit that his performance as Indy’s young greaser sidekick Mutt was absolutely outstanding. One particularly noticeable feature of LaBeouf’s performance as Mutt was that Mutt is so far the only character besides Dr.Jones himself to be given that chilling god-like aurra when the Indiana Jones theme song rolls with the hero performing a complicated action scene, such as swinging on the vines during the chase scene between Dr.Spalko’s forces and what one might call the “Jones Family”. This might sound like a trivial matter, but this might be the earliest signs of a possible spin-off after Ford is no longer capable of playing Indiana (God forbid!). The only critics of LaBeouf’s performance were those old fashioned hard-noses who simply hate anything that is not the original and would not have given any actor who wasn’t in the originals a chance.

The second actor, rather actress, who deserves a shout out is Cate Blanchett for her role as the villainous Dr.Irina Spalko of the Soviet Union. To anyone who has not actually seen the movie yet, Blanchett plays a malicious high-ranking official in the Soviet army bent on finding and using the power of the crystal skulls. The praiseworthy aspect about Blanchett’s performance was the simple notion that despite the fact she is a woman, her gender plays no role on her character in the series (unlike almost every female villain or hero in any action movie to date) and is not portrayed provocatively or as a sex object (cough…Bond..cough…Tomb Raider) The producers didn’t even hold back on letting Spalko into the action, with the massive and high-quality swordfight scene between Dr.Spalko and Mutt.

Cate Blanchett as Colonel Irina Spalko

However, the new Indiana Jones movie is not without its flaws. In fact, certain aspects were absolutely riddled with flaws. And despite the fact I might be equally ridiculed for saying this, I blame Spielberg. The dude simply cannot write a climax for his life. To anyone who has seen War of the Worlds, or even the previous Jones movies in some cases (who liked the BIG fight sequence at the end of raiders?….Thats what I thought) you’ll know what I’m talking about. And this movie was no different, just like half of the other Jones villains Spalko is finished off by the artifact shes hunting after (ooohhh irony…) Jones and the bad guy don’t fight (seriously, who didn’t want to see swordfight, Round 2, Jones vs. Spalko) and the good guys miraculously escape at the last minute while every single bad guy dies. There is something about bad guys in Spielberg movies that bad natural disasters and explosions simply seem to hate….And the aliens? Another letdown, The Indiana Jones series has always been about the quest for religious artifacts, but apparently the religions of Christianity (Last Crusade), Judaism (Raiders), Hinduism/Thuggee cult worship (Temple), and now Worship on non-sentient beings and primitive Mayan beliefs are all correct in the Indiana Jones universe. If you are going to butcher your own series with unnecessary aliens, at least make them realistic…\

So all in all, a decent movie. Indy 4 had its ups and downs, but hopefully the best news is the promise of Indiana Jones 5 on the horizon.

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