Those Summer Nights…

In this edition of “Remember These Guys?” I am going to give you a little 2-for-1. Enjoy.

The actress in the top left of this picture is Jamie Donnelly, famous for her role of Jan in the hit film Grease. It wasn’t a major role, but she did sing the “Brusha, Brusha, Brusha” song. If you haven’t seen Grease, you probably think I am insane right about now.

This is a more recent picture of Jamie. She didn’t do much after Grease, and is now an acting coach in La Canada, California. She is married with two children (sorry Shasaw, I know you had your eye on her).

I said I would give you a 2-for-1, and I am a man of my word:


This is actress Didi Conn, who played the role of Frenchy in Grease. She was the one who dropped out of beauty school and then had the guardian angel sing to her. Once again, if you haven’t seen this movie- INSANE.


This is a more recent picture of Didi. After Grease she really didn’t do much. She was on a few TV shows, was a panelist on Match Game, and was also in Grease 2 (which sucked). She is married to composer David Shire (sorry again Shasaw), and has a brother that’s an opera singer.

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