Greatest Logos Ever #4 (and 5)

Since I am in a 2-for-1 mood, I figured I would supply u with two logos that I find absolutely amazing. Enjoy.


This was the logo for the Cleveland State Vikings from 1982-2005. It was also the logo for one of MGoodz’ fantasy teams (Mark’s VIkings). I am not entirely sure why the viking is a martian, but i don’t care. The logo is just amazing.

This logo hits home for me. This has been both my fantasy football and baseball logo for a combined 4 seasons. I have been looking at it everyday for almost 2 years, and it never gets old. It is also the primary logo for the Youngstown State Penguins (but nobody cares about them anyway). How can you not enjoy a forceful looking penguin?

I said that I would give u a 2-for-1, but I am bored so I decided to make it a 3-for-1. This next picture is not actually a logo for any team anywhere in the world. I just created it using Photoshop because there’s nothing better to do at 11:30. I hope you enjoy:

FLAVOR FLAV!!!!!! I was inspired by the viking helmet. As you can see, he’s got the clock, PIMP cup, grill, shades, stubble, and brown skin. Tell me you can’t see the resemblance.

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