Yes, We Are Insane

After a frustrating bloggers block, The mystificational waste product of the digital age that is youtube sent me divine help in the form of Caramelldansen, one of the greatest internet phenomenon to ever hit….the internet. Caramelldansen was originally a song by the Swedish Pop/Techno band, Caramell, but is much better known for the famous Caramelldansen internet meme, featuring two anime girls performing the “trademark” caramel dance. CGoodz and myself have taken the liberty of putting our tremendous dance skills to the test and creating our own Caramelldansen complete with flawless graphics and seamlessly mastered audio effects.  See if you can tell which is the original… (Hint: we are much sexier)


(CGoodz supplied the pictures)

You guessed it, that one on the top is obviously a cheap knockoff…..

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2 Responses to Yes, We Are Insane

  1. maccabeus2010 says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhh… Brain shrinking! Too much Eurotrash!!!!

  2. cgoody says:

    i honestly cant stop watchin this. i think its the music. very catchy

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