The He-Man Womun Haters Club

When scrolling through TMZ’s ‘Memba Them?!’ section, I found another person that I wanted to blog about. His name, Travis Tedford.

Travis Tedford played Spanky in the classic 1994 film, The Little Rascals. He won the Young Artist Award for his role. He was also appeared in many Welch’s TV commercials, and has literally done nothing ever since.

This is a recent picture of Travis. As you can see he is pursuing his lifelong dream of working at Wal Mart. He graduated from Athens High School in 2006 and then went on to Trinity Valley Community College in 2008 where he recieved an Associates degree in Liberal Arts. The whole We Got The Goodz family wishes him the best of luck in his future life. Maybe they’ll do a ‘Where Are They Now?’ things for The Little Rascals.

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18 Responses to The He-Man Womun Haters Club

  1. bryan says:

    According to He is now post production of a movie right now.

  2. kiera says:

    wal mart or not….i remember watching this movie for the first time thinkin he was cute and hes as much of a doll today!! id love to see him make more films!!

  3. emily says:

    that doesn’t really look like him!!

    • Bailey says:

      Well duh, the Kid was 4 or 5 when he did little rascals & he’s like 21 or 22 now, and it actually does look exactly like a grown up version of him, especially cuz it IS

  4. Lila Walto says:

    He looks so cute when he was little .. and hes not that bad now lol xx

  5. R says:

    that’s sooo sad! he went from a movie actor, to a walmart worker. OMG SOO SAD

  6. simone says:

    it ishard to belive how much cuter he has gotten

  7. Becky says:

    Aw thats really sad! I watched the movie there now and hes so0 cute!! OMG love him!!! xo0xo0x

  8. Jace says:

    This is bullshit, he’s done loads since the little rascals. get your facts sorted nob head!

  9. Idk wat happened to him going from a star to a wal-mart worker but he still looks cute to me!@

  10. janelle says:

    Hey, Travis, pursue ur dreams and be dat which u desire to be!
    God help u!

  11. Tori says:

    Omg i remeber watchin this movie wen i ws little an him an his little lisp ws so hott. wow an yet he is still adorable :)

  12. Bailey says:

    Have is right, he’s done like 17 parts for films like voice acting for bugs life, acted on Amanda show and All that !

  13. Oa says:

    I’d do him. Wow!

  14. Lucy says:

    Well perhaps he wanted to be in a life of nomalcy. Its understandable seeing as to how much alot of child stars have to sacrifice.

  15. know Travis in real life says:

    This was his college job, he worked in a bank once he graduated .

  16. christina says:

    He works at a bank inside my high school.

  17. Lala says:

    A bit more 411… Tedford was born in Rockwall, Texas, to Timmy Bill Tedford and Paula Kay Dixon. Tedford graduated from Athens High School in 2006 and from Trinity Valley Community College in 2008 with an Associates degree in Liberal Arts. He resides in Garland, Texas.
    In 2008, ran a story claiming “the 19-year-old former actor is still selling grape juice…but at a Texas Walmart,” using a photograph from a MySpace account. TMZ later retracted stating that Tedford was now working at a bank, adding “TMZ loves the fact that this kid is actually doing something with his life”.[2]
    He is employed at Texas Trust Credit Union as a marketing specialist.[3]

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