Boats and Hoes

This is the first movie review I have ever done, so bear with me.

Today I went to see Will Ferrell’s newest movie, Step Brothers. The story goes as follows: Brennan Huff (Will Ferrell) is a 39 year old who still lives with his mother Nancy (Mary Steenburgen). Nancy meets Robert Doback (Richard Jenkins) at a conference and they “get together”. During this get-together, they both confess about their children still living at home. They end up getting married, and this is where the real fun begins.

Nancy and Brennan move in with Robert and his son Dale (John C Reilly). Due to a lack of space, the step brothers are forced to share a room. For some reason, they can’t get along with one another. There’s a lot of name calling, a huge brawl outside of their house, and at one point Brennan rubs his balls on Dale’s drumset. They get scolded, and are forced to go get jobs. As you probably guessed, the job interviews were complete failures, and Dale and Brennan were left jobless.

Then Brennan’s little brother comes into the situation. He is a successful businessman, with a wife and two kids, but he’s also a douche bag. He comes over for dinner one night and gets on Dale’s nerves while Brennan is hiding in a tree house. Dale goes into the treehouse, some stuff happens, and Dale and Brennan become best friends.

Brennan’s little brother convinces Robert to sell the house while over for dinner. Dale and Brennan do some crazy things to make sure no one wants the house. It works, but they still can’t find jobs. They decide to start their own business, ‘Prestige Worldwide.’ They pitch the idea at Brennan’s brother’s birthday party. They just get laughed at. A bunch of bad things follow, and the family falls apart.

I don’t want to ruin any more of the movie, so I will leave the ending for you to find out. The movie was funny, even though it was kind of akward seeing it with my mom and my 12 year old brother. I will give it a 7.5/10. It was no Anchorman, but it was better than Stranger Than Fiction.

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3 Responses to Boats and Hoes

  1. babymamagoodz says:

    I miss the more generic and less R -rated movies that Will Farrell did as in Elf and even Old School. It was more than awkward, yet kind of what I expected (minus the plethora of “f” words ). Probably not one I will buy, but glad I saw it.
    PS Happy Birthday Marky!!

  2. Don Burtless says:

    If anything, I think it needed more F-words.

  3. Mgoodz says:

    I agree with donny

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