We Wish to Welcome You to Munchkinland

For all of you TMZ viewers, you are familiar with their ‘Memba Him?!’ section. I was looking through it today and I think you should all be informed of their headline star.

The member of the Lollipop Guild standing in the middle is actor Jerry Maren. I’m sure all of you remember his spectacular performance in the classic The Wizard of Oz. Jerry was 19 years old when he played this role.

Jerry was spotted at a convention in Burbank recently at the ripe ol’ age of 88. Ain’t he adorable?! I think I need to add that hat to my collection.

I did some research on the little guy (went to His Wiki Page) and was astonished by the results. There is a list of events that Maren has participated in, and at the top of the list was the Erie County Fair. For all of us Hamburgians, this is big news. He was within 5 minutes of my house! THE GUY FROM THE LOLLIPOP GUILD WAS WITHIN FIVE MINUTES OF MY HOUSE!!!!!!!! I’m sorry, I get excited easily.

I also took a look at his IMDB Page, and found out that he is 4 foot 3 inches tall, almost an entire foot taller than he was when he gave Dorothy the lollipop. He made $50 a week during the filming of the movie. Also, he has been doing McDonald’s commercials for several years as either Mayor McCheese or the Hamburglar.

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One Response to We Wish to Welcome You to Munchkinland

  1. Bill says:

    I just read where Jerry Maren’s wife since 1975 sadly passed away in January of this year (2011). While walking through the Forum shops at Caesars Palace in Vegas in July 2005, my son and I came across a booth that had Jerry Maren and his wife. He was signing photos so we bought one. I spoke with him for a few minutes and he told me a little about the Wizard of Oz movie and it was fantastic. His wife also told me that she was lucky to snag him when he was only 55 years of age back in 75 which I thought was really cute. Anyway, I was sad to hear of her passing.

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