Captain Coolz AIM Definitions

The Acronyms of AIM, the way i define them XD

People use a lot of acronyms on AIM to say things they allegedly mean. Yet over time, the meanings of these common phrases have been corrupted to mean other things. But fear not, here is an updated list of every term you could possibly cross on AIM.

– jk- An expression used to say extremely mean and cruel, yet usually hilarious things, with very entertaining results. ex:

Jack- Hey Sean, you are such a retard, I hate you so much cuz your such a fairy, I bet you don’t even have stairs in your house since everyone knows fairies can fly! You are quite possibly the lamest person I’ve ever met, seeing as your mom gets more actions from her clients than you will ever get in your entire life. Haha, you are such a pathetic waste of life, go kill yourself. jk.

Sean- ik, haha

– lol- An acronym that formerly meant “laugh out loud” or “lots of laughs”. The new definition is:

1). lol- an expression often used by someone pretending to have watched a youtube video sent to them in a link by a friend, they were too busy making fun of that person to have watched. ***(Come on, I know YOU HAVE ALL done this!)

2). lol- the most overused acronym in the history of acronyms, often used to laugh at something you really weren’t paying attention to. ex:

Sean- Oh my god, jack, my mom just died!
Jack: lol
Jack: Sorry what did you say?

-omg- an acronym for “oh my god”, usually used as an outburst of surpise if your a guy. If your a girl, you could either be signifying you are happy, sad, angry, frustrated, suprised, stressed, or pretty much any other emotion. yeah, never use this one. ex.

Sean: dude, i got a date tonight!
Sean: Yeah, my cousin finally agreed 2 take me 2 prom! I knew she’d come around…

-brb- A very useful way to shake off someone you really do not want to talk to, where you go and eat cake while they hopelessly wait for you to get back and entertain them with your company, while they think you are “doing homework”. ex:

Sean: dude, did i tell you about my new toejam collection?
Jack:…..oh yeah….very nice…keep up the good work’
Sean: are you sure?
Jack: and don’t blink till i get back
Sean: kay
~23 hours and 17 mins later~
Jack: hey sean?
Away Message from TheSeanster717: THE SEANSTER717 is: getting retinal eye surgery. will be back when his parents can stop working in the coal mine long enough to buy our computer back from the bank, and afford my surgery.
Jack: aww dammit

-ttyl- a crafty way of assuring someone you are never going to talk to again that you will in fact talk to them again:

Seans Cousin: Look Sean, this isn’t working out….I’m your cousin….we cant date anymore!
Sean: My heart will always belong 2 you! Will i ever c u you again?
Seans Cousin: Ummm sure…i g2g…
Sean: what?!
Seans cousin: ttyl
Sean: bye

-bff- the easiest way to convince someone that they should not be mad at you for something you did, that they should obviously be mad at you for. ex:

Sean: Hey, Jack, wuz that u that told my mom i pee in the shower, filled my briefs with crabs, and with crabs from the sea, and lit my hw for the year on fire?
Jack: yup
Sean: Why?!
Jack: hey, i thought we were bff’s. guess not then
Sean: come here buddy!

~cyber hugging commences~

-idc- a way of admitting you actually care about something, by claiming the exact opposite. ex:

Sean’s Mom: Sean, I got rid of your old carebear pajama’s, didnt think you’d mind…
Sean: (tear rolls down eye) course not! IDC MOM! THROW THEM ALL OUT!

-idk- The universal anwser to every question you will ever be asked.

Sean: So then she threw out all my carebear pajamas and it was so terrible!
Jack: Dude, sean, why do you talk to your mom online? Who does that?
Sean: idk

=) (the smillee face)- the easiest way to respond to a very akward situation, sometimes followed with a “that’s nice…”

Sean: Hey Jack?
Jack: Yeah?
Sean: I think I might be gay…
Jack: =) thats nice
Sean: with u….
Cap’nJack561 signed off at 9:28:51

~Hope 15 mins or more of your day was wasted by this~

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2 Responses to Captain Coolz AIM Definitions

  1. john says:

    this website is so gay take it down now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. cgoody says:

    kenan next time dont use ur real email address. stupid corva

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