5 Responses to Greatest Logos Ever

  1. nagafooki says:

    I liked your old format better. This is so 800×600
    anyway my vote for the best old school logo is ……
    1950’s Boston Celtics.
    Check out this link for all of your logo needs.
    btw who helped you come up with the name for the joker blog?

  2. cgoody says:

    im sry but i like this format better. also, i will kill u.

  3. shasaw says:

    I actually prefer http://www.sportslogos.net
    I thought you liked the O’s hat more.

  4. cgoody says:

    i enjoy the O’s hat, but the brewers hat is admittedly better

  5. nagafooki says:

    blogus formatus suckus
    et tu nooblet

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