Subway Killer

“Yea I’ll have pickles, olives, and a knife.” For most people, this is not a typical order when you go to Subway. The same goes for John Agnesini of Astoria, NY, but that didn’t stop the workers in this sub shop. Agnesini took a few bites of his sandwich, noticed that something wasn’t right, and then realized that the bottom of his roll was hard. He took it apart and discovered a 7″ serrated knife baked into the roll. He was sick for hours after the discovery of the knife, and is now suing Subway for one million dollars.

After reading this story I have a lot of questions for Subway. One, what does it take for you to be promoted to roll cooker? I’m guessing ‘passed an eye exam’ was not on the checklist. Two, how dirty are the knifes that you use? The guy was sick for three hours! There is this little invention called soap, Subway workers. Three, what kind of sub was it? I am just curious. Four, what is Subway’s slogan going to be now? It can’t be ‘Eat Fresh’ anymore. Maybe it could be ‘Always sharp’ or something of that nature.

Agnesini, who works as a designer for Homo Xtra magazine is suing the franchise for one million dollars. Move over Jared, John is the new face of Subway.

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12 Responses to Subway Killer

  1. Don Burtless says:

    the magazine is really called homo xtra?

  2. cgoody says:

    yea i dont make stuff up

  3. nagafooki says:

    Damn you Jared!
    Damn you!

  4. guy who googled homo extra says:

    warning to fellow readers
    dont google homo extra
    you’ll be scarred

  5. cgoody says:

    dave u would email homo xtra. next time, use a fake email address when u comment

  6. nagafooki says:

    It is truly amazing that this sub, even with the knife, contained less than 7 grams of fat!

  7. nagafooki says:

    Another thought:
    I would rather bite into this knife than bite into a pubic hair.
    What’s the big deal?
    I would keep the sweet knife and tell no one.
    Nothing like a free knife

  8. kindsir says:

    The press is calling it Homo Extra for the attention. It goes by HX. I’m glad the guy is suing. I’m sick of huge companies shitting on the customers. Someone needs to take responsibility.

  9. nagafooki says:

    haha huge companies pooping on the customers.
    this is more likely an a$$ho!* employee of the huge company.
    Why don’t you work hard, climb the ladder so you can run a huge company and stop the pooping that you think is going on? You probably won’t find as much pooping on customers as you will kissing the butts of the customers. That is what businesses “really” do.

  10. John Adoe says:

    Wow, How is there a knife in his sandwich?????/??????? >:o

  11. Fork in a Bun says:

    I feel your pain, I once found a spoon in my yogurt!

    Nothing like a good ol’ utensil in baked goods.

    Yours Spoonly
    Thanks a Bun
    Knife Regards


  12. Dan says:

    I found a freaking knife in my sub last night too! The franchise owner has offered me a free 12 inch sub. How sweet.

    How did your proceedings go?

    No one was hurt in our incident, but the girl cutting the sub should have found this as she gouged it when she cut the sub in half.

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