That’s A Lot Of Weiners


(Before I start this blog I would like to apologize for the long gap of no blogs. We are three lazy SOB’s. I’m sure there are so many viewers waiting for our next post so here it is.)

July 4th not only marks the ‘birthday’ of the United States, but also the greatest competition Major League Eating has to offer. It is better than the Crisco eating contest, more famous than the cheesecake eating competition, and more important than the Glutton Bowl. It is the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest has occurred almost every year since 1916, when four immigrants held a contest at Nathan’s famous stand in Coney Island to prove who was the most patriotic. After 10 minutes, James Mullen had eaten 13 hot dogs and was declared the winner.

The contest has become much more extensive since then. Before 2000, the record for hot dogs eaten was 25 and 1/8. Then comes Takeru Kobayashi. He truly is a God of competitive eating. In 2000, he ate 50 hot dogs, nearly doubling the previously held record. He then won five straight after that, topping off at 53 3/4 hot dogs in 2006. He was unbeatable. No one would take that mustard colored belt away from him. Then came the American, Joey Chestnut. Before the 2007 competition, there was a lot of talk about Kobayashi being injured. It was questionable if he was even going to compete. With all of this talk and speculation, Chestnut’s name was being thrown around. Could he be the one to defeat the undefeated?

July 4th, 2007 rolled around. The bus full of all of the competitors rolled in. Kobayashi came out last, looking a little under the weather. The eaters took their places, and the contest began. It was pretty much neck and neck between Chestnut and Kobayashi throughout the entire competition. Kobayashi had a ‘reversal of fortune’ right at the very end, so all of the hot dogs in his mouth were not counted. Joey Chestnut won with a whopping 66 hot dogs consumed. The announcers were honestly going insane. They were comparing him to George Washington and Abe Lincoln. They were calling it the greatest upset in sport’s history.

So the 2008 competition rolled along. I didn’t hear a lot of talk about the contest, but i was pumped nonetheless. There was a big rule change though. The time would be shortened from 12 minutes to 10 minutes. Although only a difference of two minutes, the outcome would be drastically altered.

The contest started, and once again, it was neck and neck between Chestnut and Kobayashi. The ten minutes was up, and they both popped as many dogs and buns as they could into their mouths. They both swallowed. There was no barf. So what was the outcome? IT WAS A TIE. THEY BOTH ATE 59 DOGS!! THERE HAD TO BE A 5-DOG EAT-OFF!!! The sweat was dripping off Chestnut’s face. Kobayashi was jumping up and down like a crazy guy on a trampoline. I was shaking. It was so intense.

So the eat-off happened, and the sweaty American won it all. He took home the belt once again. His departing words were, “It came down to who needed it. He wanted it, I needed it.” I can’t wait until July 4th, 2009! For more info:

God is love, Rev Run

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2 Responses to That’s A Lot Of Weiners

  1. babymamagoodz says:

    To me the hot dog eating contest is like a train wreck- I don’t want to look, but I can’t help it! Nothing like those water/orange soda soaked rolls alternating with slimy dogs being forced down insane people throats that keeps you coming back for more! I still wanted the Japanese guy, but God Bless America!

  2. dgoodz says:

    nice use of wikipedia!!

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