Last night as I was watching Derrick Rose go to the Bulls,I thought it was stupid.  Right now they have good guards like Kirk Heinrich,Larry Hughes, and Ben Gordan.  I just don’t know where the guy is going to fit in!  The guy on ESPN said they need paint presence,HELLO,  MICHAEL BEASLEY!!  Honestly, I think Michael Beasley is soooooooooo much better than Derrick Rose.  He had a double double 28 of the 33 games in the season.  Try to do that Rose. Memphis is a joke.  CONFERENCE USA!!!!  Also Beasley can score from 3,2 and shoot a free throw at almost 7 feet.  Here were some other notables in the NBA draft sponsored by Sprite.   There was a huge trade I just read, The Timberwolves trade Antoine Walker, Marko Jaric, Greg Buckner,and the rights to O.J mayo, the 3 pick in the draft to the Grizzlies for Mike Miller, Brian Cardinal, Jason Collins, and the rights to Kevin Love,the 5 pick in the draft.  All of them are no-names except for the people in the draft.  Also,Richard Jefferson is traded to the Bucks for Bobby Simmons, and Yi Jianlian.  Ok here are some other people selected in the NBA draft. 

3 O.J Mayo-traded to the Memphis Grizzlies

4 Seattle Supersonics- Russel Westbook

5 Kevin Love- traded to Timberwolves

6 New York Knicks-Danilo Gallinari

7 Los Angeles Clippers- Eric Gordan

8 Milwaukee Bucks- Joe Alexander

9 Charlotte Bobcats- D.J Augustin

10 New Jersey Nets- Brook Lopez, his brother Robin Lopez went 15 to the Pheonix Suns


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One Response to THE NBA DRAFT

  1. babymamagoodz says:

    Mark, I am always amazed at your sports knowledge. While I never heard of “paint presence” you explained it to me nicely. I would much rather read your blogs than watch hours of Sportscenter..keep up the good work!

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