And The Award Goes To…

The title of “World’s Ugliest Dog” was handed out on Friday. The winner of this illustrious award was Gus, a one-eyed, three-legged, Chinese Crested hairless dog. And to top it all off, he has skin cancer. This butt ugly puppy should be proud of his acomplishments, and the Goodz brothers congratulate him on his achievements. We also hope he recovers from his cancer so he can maybe repeat, or even threepeat as the World’s Ugliest Dog. God is love, Rev Run.

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9 Responses to And The Award Goes To…

  1. DRSACK96 says:

    come on

  2. DRSACK96 says:

    Im not just saying this but that was kinda mean chris, please dont erase it

  3. HammerTime says:

    Dude, Chris come on the poor little guy has skin cancer. Thats not fun and on top of that people call him the world’s ugliest dog??? What if people voted you to win a contest called worlds ugliest person. Wow.

  4. cgoody says:

    hey i wished him a healthy recovery. i really didnt mean to be mean, but whatever.

    ps- i would be honored to recieve that award. maybe someone would write a blog about me

  5. dgoodz says:

    i agree with hammertime
    we r starting a petition to name chris “world’s ugliest person”
    so yeah…..
    what now?

  6. cgoody says:

    sweet, i hope it makes it to the news.

    ps- isnt it funny how everyone says u like me? that crazy

  7. babymamagoodz says:

    I wish I was the “worlds” anything, so props to our little one eyed Asian pup! Good luck on your quest too Chris! Are Chinese dogs slanty-eyed? Research please. Your Mama.

  8. cgoody says:

    well this one seems to have a round eye, so im gonna say negative on the slanty eyes

  9. dgoodz says:

    are you showing sass to ur mother?

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