MLB 08 The Show

Ok. I’ve been bugging Chris to let me write a blog on this.  I hope I don’t disappoint you.  Last week I bought this game called MLB 08 The Show.  It’s definitely not what I expected!!!  I was so excited that I could play with the Mets and have Johan Santana.  When I was scrolling through the teams, Johan is still on the Twins!! I couldn’t believe it.  Also, I did like that Joba Chamberlin was in the game.  I could probably done without the game because I have 07.  But I always have the money somehow.  Steal from Chris cough cough.  Another thing  that I didnt like was that Erik Bedard is still on the Orioles.  Even though I could probably just trade them but I like complaining about things!  Also, when you guess your pitch, the thing is white.  It’s like it doesn’t matter.  This was my first blog.  Hope you enjoyed it.  God is love, Rev Run can kiss my @$$.

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3 Responses to MLB 08 The Show

  1. byamagoodz says:

    Mark, I was just heading out to buy that game, glad I saw your critique first. Keep up the game reviews.

  2. cgoody says:

    i’ve played this game about 15 times on a PS3, and i loved it. it is by far the best baseball game out there, much better than mlb 2k8

  3. colleen Donovan says:

    Mark I never played that game, yet I feel like i know it so well now! Sweet bloggin blabs!

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