The Boston Three Party

This summer, instead of dressing up like Indians and dumping tea into the harbor, Boston natives will be celebrating yet another championship. I really hate Boston, well the city anyway. They win everything. It’s really starting to get annoying. Here are my top ten things I hate about/from Boston.

10- Curt Schilling and his ketchup filled sock.

9- The Red Sox mascot. What is that thing anyway?

8- Barbara Walters. She talks like a deaf gay guy.

7- Short sleeved hoodies (cough Belichick cough)

6- Paul Revere. If he hadn’t signaled that the British were coming I could have a sweet British accent right now.

5- The movie “Fever Pitch”. I can’t believe I actually sat through that.

4- I guess I’ll throw the Bruins in here, even though they suck anyway

3- Cah=car and Pa’k=Park. God I can’t stand the way they talk. Drives me insane. Their accent even has its own Wiki page!

2- The New England Riptide. Why can’t Buffalo have a professional softball team?


1- Gillette. It is not the best a man can get.

God is love, Rev Run. (Sorry Donnie I forgot)

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6 Responses to The Boston Three Party

  1. MGOODZ says:

    Ok, i dont want to be a geek or anything but, Paul Revere didnt tell the americans. He got caught. Luckily someone got to us! BAM!

  2. cgoody says:


  3. mgoodz says:

    boom boom i want u in my room. BAM!!!

  4. Blog Master says:

    Through college and my work career, I have met many people from both Boston and New York City. I always thought Boston people were the more obnoxious of the two, although NYC has a worse reputation. As far as professional softball, in the 1980s we had a Women’s Pro Softball team, the Buffalo Breskis, that played at Lackawanna Stadium. I attended many of those games. The team owner (and a player, his daughter) had the last name of Breski. On e-bay they are currently selling an old game ticket (bidding starts at 0.99).

  5. cgoody says:

    i want that ticket

  6. Don Burtless says:

    where is the god is love?

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